Canadian National Championship Debate

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Canadian National Championship Debate

We hope to provide opportunities for our members to represent UBC at tournaments. To fulfill our goal, we require funding to travel to different tournaments.

Story Description

We are looking for your support to enable our members to represent UBC at the Canadian National Championship Debate Tournament held in Edmonton between March 18th and March 20th. This is one of the most prestigious tournaments in Canada attracting top debaters from across the country to debate on issues ranging from popular culture to economic policy. After winning the Western Canadian Championships in 2015, we are now aiming for success on a national stage—and you can help us achieve it!

Challenges & the Impact of Your Support

Recent funding cuts have led to a 75% decline in our operating budget. Our greatest challenge is providing enough funding for our members to travel to the competition. By giving your support, you will help make the opportunity to attend the tournament available to all our members, regardless of their financial situation.

About the UBC Debate Society

The UBC Debate Society has a long and esteemed history, with its origin dating back prior to UBC itself—we were formally established in 1906 as part of the McGill University College of BC. In the past century, the UBCDS has evolved into a respected institution with a large and vibrant community. Our club hosts tournaments, show debates, and training sessions around campus. We also compete globally—but this is becoming increasingly difficult due to the budget cuts.