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UBC AeroDesign

UBC AeroDesign

Help send UBC AeroDesign to the 2022 SAE Aero Design competition in Fort Worth, Texas! More

UBC AgroBot

UBC AgroBot

UBC AgroBot needs funding to build an autonomous agricultural robot and attend the annual agBot Challenge in USA. Your contributions will go towards supporting innovations in sustainability and engineering students who have a passion for making a change. Story Description UBC AgroBot is building a fully autonomous agricultural robot that can precisely exterminate weeds and […] More

Help UBC UAS build their drones!Featured Video Play Icon

Help UBC UAS build their drones!

UBC Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UBC UAS) is seeking your support to purchase new parts, build new systems and help students travel to competitions. Story Description UBC Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UBC UAS) is a student engineering design team with passionate future engineers pioneering the aerial robotics industry. Each year, the team participates in two competitions, the […] More

UBC BAJA All-Terrain Vehicle

UBC BAJA All-Terrain Vehicle

UBC Baja is designing, building, and racing an all new vehicle for the 2020 Baja SAE International competition in Louisville, Kentucky. Your support will help us be a top competitor. Story Description At UBC Baja we design, fabricate, test, and race a single-seat, off-road vehicle. At the end of each academic year, our team competes […] More

Help UBC Solar get to CompetitionFeatured Video Play Icon

Help UBC Solar get to Competition

UBC Solar has spent the last two years designing, manufacturing and testing our solar car, Daybreak. We are now ready to go to competition but we need your help! Story Description UBC Solar is the solar-racing student design team of the University of British Columbia. We are building a solar powered racing vehicle for the […] More

UBC Thunderbots: Help us defend first place with new robots!

UBC Thunderbots: Help us defend first place with new robots!

Help us build a new fleet of eight robots to defend our title at RoboCup 2020! Each robot costs upwards of $3,000 and that’s why we need your help. Story Description UBC Thunderbots is a student-led team that designs and builds autonomous soccer-playing robots to compete at Robocup. At RoboCup 2019, UBC Thunderbots won first […] More

SUBC Human Powered Submarine CompetitionFeatured Video Play Icon

SUBC Human Powered Submarine Competition

Your support will help SUBC improve and compete at ISR 15 while providing hands on learning opportunities for young engineers and designers at UBC. Story Description SUBC is an engineering student team that designs, builds, and races human-powered submarines. As an homage to our home region in the Pacific Northwest, our vessel is named by […] More

UBC Formula Electric 2020 VehicleFeatured Video Play Icon

UBC Formula Electric 2020 Vehicle

UBC Formula Electric is looking to secure $10,000 in funding to support the development of our 2020 vehicle design. Your support will help us reach our goal of placing within the top 5 teams at the FSAE Lincoln competition in 2020! Story Description UBC Formula Electric is a student-led team that designs and builds electric […] More

Formula UBC 2019Featured Video Play Icon

Formula UBC 2019

Your support helps improve Formula UBC’s performance on an international stage while providing hands-on experience to young engineers. Story Description The Formula SAE Intercollegiate Design Series, hosted by the Society of Automotive Engineers, is an engineering competition constructed around the exciting subject of motorsport. Every year, 12 competitions are held across four continents with over […] More