Midnight Watch Campaign – HeadsUpGuys

Goal $10,000

Raised $4,995

Midnight Watch Campaign – HeadsUpGuys

[Scene – nighttime, guy slouched on couch, phone in hand, TV playing in background]

Clint promised his partner he would be coming to bed in 15 minutes. “I just want to chill in front of the TV, have a quick beer, check the hockey, and I’ll be right there.”  

90 minutes have passed, it’s now 12:35 am. Clint is on his third beer and has lit up a joint. Nighttime is the worst for Clint, he feels a sense of anxiety, fear, and hopelessness taking over again. The beer and the pot temporarily numb the immense weight of everything. He looks at his phone and types into the search bar “I want to die.” 

This is the third night in a row he has searched about taking his life. 

[end scene]

Clint’s story is not unique. Unfortunately, it is far too common.

Our research shows, men search for words related to suicide most often between 9:00 pm and 4:00 am.

Searching for terms such as “suicidal thoughts”, “I want to die”, and “kill myself”.

How do we help the Clint’s in our lives?

We need to interrupt their thinking and provide them with hope.

How can we do this together?

By supporting our Midnight Watch Campaign.

We are raising $10,000 to purchase 440 commercial TV spots, over a 3-month period, that will air between 9:00 pm and 4:00 am.

We’re able to do this through a generous media partner offer, allowing us to double the reach of your donations, with a buy 1, get 1 free deal. 

This way, when guys are sitting alone at night, feeling hopeless, and thinking about ending it – we can interrupt their thinking with our HeadsUpGuys PSA. We can get them thinking there is a better way, directing them to our web site to help them on their journey to recovery.

Here’s the bonus – double our impact

For each spot we purchase, our media partner will provide an additional commercial giving us the good ol’ buy 1, get 1 free deal.  That means 440 opportunities to give hope to all the Clint’s, Dave’s, Amir’s and countless other guys who are struggling.

That works out to just under $25 per commercial spot. Your support matters. 

  • Help us buy one spot for $25.00
  • Help us buy two spots for $50.00
  • Help us buy six spots for $150.00

Watch the powerful HeadsUpGuys PSA.

About HeadsUpGuys.org

What started as a simple survey in the waiting room of a doctor’s office, became the catalyst for creating HeadsUpGuys. Men clearly indicated they were having suicidal thoughts on the survey, yet failed to mention these thoughts to the doctor they were about to see.

This led us to creating a free online, anonymous resource specifically designed for men, and their families, to prevent the continued erosion of men’s mental health and deaths by suicide.

HeadsUpGuys is a program of The University of British Columbia (UBC), operating under the leadership of Dr. John Ogrodniczuk, who is a Professor of Psychiatry and the Director of the Psychotherapy Program at UBC. 

HeadsUpGuys is a leading global resource on depression and suicide in men, with over 3,000,000 visits from countries around the world.

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For more information on suicide prevention see our Guide to Preventing Suicide and Suicidal Thoughts.