Help bring TSC Quidditch to nationals!


Raised $1,000

Help bring TSC Quidditch to nationals!

The UBC Thunderbirds Quidditch Sport Club needs your support to travel to Hamilton, Ontario, and compete against fellow teams from across Canada for the title of National champions!

Story Description

Our team of 21 university students and our coach are raising funds in order to travel across the country to Hamilton, Ontario. It would give us the opportunity to play against some of the best teams across Canada, and play for the title of national champions.

Challenges & the Impact of Your Support

Unfortunately, flights are very expensive and as sports clubs athletes, although we officially represent the university, almost all of the costs of training, travelling and competing falls on its students. We try to offset these costs as best we can with fundraising. Any financial support is greatly appreciated, as it reduces financial strain on the team and it’s athletes.

TSC Quidditch will provide the following perks to donors: 

  • $30 – Pie Victim: the opportunity to thrust a pie/shaving cream plate in the face of any member of the TSC team that you choose!
  • $75 – Film Analysis: an in-depth quidditch film analysis from former Team Canada player Austin Wallace, highlighting the things your team did well and analyzing different strategies you should adopt in the future.
  • $250 – Name Shave: get your name shaved into the back of one of our players heads- Erin Woodell or Emma Sherwood. They will have it all through the national tournament.

If the total money raised exceeds each milestone’s value, whatever it is, we’ll have to do!

  • $600 – Vegan Boys
    If we hit a total of $600 the duo of Wyatt Verchere and Yury Onikashvili will have to go vegan for two months, starting April 2nd (after nationals). Looking at Wyatt’s diet… this will be a wild experience.
  • $1000 – Brando vs Youtube Round 2
    If we hit a total of $1000 the current TSC coach, Brandon Rivas, will reboot his Youtube channel. Yes. We made him promise. Finally.
  • $2500 – Indy Beats
    If we hit a total of $2500 current Standing Team Canada Chaser Indiana Nikel will switch to beating for a game at nationals
    Valhalla, if you don’t wanna have to try and stop Indy as a chaser, you know what to do.

About the UBC Thunderbirds Quidditch Sport Club

We’ve been competing in tournaments all year, which lead us to bring home gold for the western Regional Championships this year; and now we are off to compete against fellow teams across Canada, at Nationals in April! The costs are high, and in an effort to reduce extra financial strain on our players, we hope you will help support us in this amazing opportunity!