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Support UBC Okanagan students during COVID-19

Goal $35,000

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Support UBC Okanagan students during COVID-19

Thanks to incredible support from our community, we have already surpassed our $25,000 goal. With so many students in need, we have set a new goal to raise $35,000.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on our entire community, creating challenges that we could never have anticipated. As students coming into the end of term, it is difficult to comprehend how quickly our lives have changed and the level of uncertainty and pressures we face today.

If you are able, please support us today with a gift to the A.W. Hunt, QC Student Emergency Assistance Fund.

A gift to the A.W. Hunt, QC Student Emergency Assistance Fund, will help a UBC Okanagan student today, tomorrow, or in the future. Your support will provide immediate assistance by providing access to funds for various expenses, such as housing, food and travel needs

Please consider for a moment, what it would be like to be a university student right now.

One day we are chatting with our friends about our mid-term assignments, and just 24 hours later, our entire world changes. We are now all online students. We no longer sit in a classroom with our peers, but now sit behind a screen hoping that our technology works and our wi-fi connection doesn’t drop out mid-way through the lecture.

As the days and weeks pass, we begin to question – will I still have my part-time job, will I be able to make rent this month, should I go home, and how can I possibly focus on my studies with so much change and uncertainty in the world?

We all long to be surrounded by our loved ones, but the costs of travel make it difficult for us to return home. For those of us who have chosen to stay in the Okanagan, we see our support network getting smaller every day as our classmates, roommates, friends and colleagues return home.

Life as a student has never been easy. But the emotional stress of adjusting to new learning realities, financial pressure and the general uncertainty and insecurity of what the future holds for us is a lot!

Your generous gift to the A.W. Hunt Student Emergency Assistance Fund will provide quick access to support for students who may be experiencing financial distress. If you would like to support students at the Vancouver campus, please click here.

At a time where we all can feel isolated and alone, it is amazing to know that we have an entire institution and community who are actively working to support us. And we are so grateful and proud to be UBC students.

If you are a UBC Okanagan student that needs support, please contact Enrolment Services.