UBC Okanagan Women’s Volleyball – Training Monitoring System


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UBC Okanagan Women’s Volleyball – Training Monitoring System

Our team was among the first to use jump monitors for performance & injury prevention. But the time has come to upgrade. Help us continue to train like champions.

Story Description

The UBC Okanagan Women’s Volleyball team were early adopters and innovators in the realm of player load monitoring for improving performance on and off the court, as well as with injury rehabilitation and return-to-play.

Three seasons ago the team purchased a new technology that measures the number of jumps an athlete performs during a practice or competition along with the height of each jump. This device is approximately the size of a USB memory stick and is worn in a belt around the player’s waist. Data is generated and sent to an app on an iPad. This app allows for the coaching staff to monitor player intensity and volume and make technical and tactical decisions about practice and game play in real-time. In addition, UBCO Human Kinetics Independent Studies students collect, analyze and report weekly, monthly and seasonal measures of jump volume on a positional and player basis. As early adopters of this technology, the team was able to gain a competitive advantage over other teams in the league.

Challenges & Impact of your Support

As with any technology there is a lifespan to its use and updates and upgrades are occurring at a fast pace. Our current stock of jump monitors has run their course and a new system has been developed by the manufacturer. This new system allows an additional 8 monitors to be connected to the app at the same time allowing for an increase in the number of players we can monitor (previously only 8 could be monitored at a time). In addition, new algorithms have allowed for the calculation of energy expenditure, landing impact and bilateral (right vs. left) mechanical asymmetry to be monitored. These new features will allow the integrated support team (athletic trainers, sport scientists, and strength coaches) to monitor the training and rehabilitation process in more detail and with greater individualization.

About UBCO Women’s Volleyball

The UBCO Women’s Volleyball team is a perennial Top 10 team in the country and boasts a line-up of incredible student-athletes who excel both on the court and in the classroom.