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What in the Wheat?

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What in the Wheat?

Digestive disorders are on the rise in Western countries. We want to know if the wheat we eat in North America is impacting our gut health. Help us search for answers.

Story Description

Gut issues are on the rise in Western countries with the incidence of celiac disease doubling in Canada over the last 25 years. In North America the use of chemicals such as glyphosate in wheat desiccation is common. Glyphosate (also known by the brand name Roundup), is a highly debated topic. We want to research this controversial topic without the perceived conflict that could come with funding from special interests. We’ll let the science speak – no matter the outcome!

Challenges & the Impact of Your Support

This is a controversial topic – so much circumstantial evidence exists regarding the use of Roundup, yet very little of it is backed up empirically. We want to change that by conducting unbiased, high quality research on this highly debated topic. Good research doesn’t come cheap – and we need your help! If you’re unable to donate right now we understand, we hope you’ll share our campaign and help us spread the word!

About What in the Wheat?

My name’s Jacqueline – currently I’m a first year masters student at UBCO. I’ve been a member of Dr. Deanna Gibson’s research team for the past three years studying the gut microbiome and factors which influence gut health and disease susceptibility. I’m excited to begin my masters project and I love that I am able to involve the public on my journey with the help of social media and UBC crowdfunding.

Meet the wheat team

Dr. Deanna Gibson – Expert in gut health and the gut microbiome

Dr. Miranda Hart – Expert in plant-microbe interactions

Dr. Michael Deyholos – Plant geneticist and genomics expert

Dr. Nathan Pelletier – Expert in industrial ecology/ecological economics

Dr. Susan Murch – Analytical chemist