Women’s Health Podcast

Goal $2,500

Raised $255

Women’s Health Podcast

Help us launch a new multidisciplinary Women’s Health Podcast! Your gift will help purchase the audio equipment needed to launch this initiative and provide science communication training to students.

Project Description

The Women’s Health Research Cluster is excited to launch a new Women’s Health Podcast in September. The podcast will explore multidisciplinary perspectives on women’s health through the eyes of researchers at all career stages—including students. Conversations will be informative, relatable and “digestible” for all audiences. We aim to raise awareness about women’s health issues and guide listeners throughout their health journey’s by sharing practical information. The podcast will also provide in depth science communication training for our students, with two graduate students being hired (and mentored) as hosts.

Challenges and Impact of Your Support

In light of the pandemic, the Women’s Health Research Cluster has moved its operations online to keep our staff and community safe. This has meant that we don’t have access to the resources that we used to including recording equipment. Instead of delaying the launch of our podcast, we’re raising funds to purchase podcasting equipment that will enable our hosts to record high quality content safely from their homes. We believe this is a critical time to engage the public in important conversations about how current events, such as the pandemic or racial injustice, impact women’s health—and we hope you do too. Your donation will help us purchase the equipment we need to make that happen.

Here is a breakdown of what your donation will help us purchase depending on your contribution level:

  • $10: Two pop filters
  • $20: Two desktop mounted boom arms
  • $35: Preamplifier
  • $50: Two Marantz MPM-2000U microphones
  • $100: Zencastr audio editing software

About the Women’s Health Research Cluster

The Women’s Health Research Cluster is a collaborative network of researchers and stakeholders that promote, expand, and catalyze impactful research on women’s health. We aspire to create a future where women can live a healthy and equitable life from birth to old age. Our Director, Dr. Liisa Galea, is an internationally renowned scientist who promotes women’s health as a researcher, public speaker and author. Her work has been featured on broad-reaching media outlets including Huffington Post, VICE, and New York Times. She has made numerous appearances on TV, radio, and podcasts such as BBC’s More, CTV, and The Super Awesome Science Show. Dr. Galea broadens her impact by regularly speaking to charities, patient groups, medical students and government officials at Parliament Hill to share information and to promote the need for more women’s health research.

In addition to this Dr. Galea has over 170 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals and has over 16, 000 citations, with over 7000 since 2015. When she’s not working, she dedicates her time to being a wife and mother of 2 teenagers.