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Help UBC Solar get to Competition

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Help UBC Solar get to Competition

UBC Solar has spent the last two years designing, manufacturing and testing our solar car, Daybreak. We are now ready to go to competition but we need your help!

Story Description

UBC Solar is the solar-racing student design team of the University of British Columbia. We are building a solar powered racing vehicle for the 2020 American Solar Challenge, a long distance solar car race from Missouri to Idaho. The American Solar Challenge is an endurance race. We have certainly proved our dedication to our car and the team over the past two years. We are excited at the opportunity to put all our hard work to the test, but we need your help. We rely on outside funding and sponsorships to build our car. This means that most of our budget is allocated to the electrical and mechanical components of the vehicle. We are so proud of the work we’ve done and we’d like to reward our engineers by helping with competition costs, including travel and accommodation. Your help will let this talented group of technologists focus on the track.

Challenges & Impact of Your Support

There are many costs associated with competition. In the past, we have had difficulty with the costs of transporting our car to the United States. We try and avoid putting financial strain on our team members because Solar is a volunteer student group and each member has already invested so much non-monetarily. In total, including competition registration fees, accommodation and travel costs we have estimated $30,000 in costs. Your donation would go towards these costs.

About UBC Solar

UBC Solar provides an opportunity for undergraduate students to expand their knowledge outside the classroom in a highly interdisciplinary environment. UBC Solar is an interdisciplinary, student-led team dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and racing of solar-powered vehicles. Our team is a community of undergraduate and graduate students, professors, UBC alumni, and industry professionals with diverse knowledge backgrounds. We operate on a two-year design cycle, with a focus on in-house design and fabrication. Our current designs reflect a new generation of student-led sustainable technology. The current team is a group of 80 passionate students from diverse backgrounds in engineering, business, and social sciences.